An emotional day.. or maybe week

Lately, almost anything almost gets me crying. It is killing me to know about this little girl in Ghana and not be able to go get her. What’s killing me more? The agency we are working with is not being very helpful. Well, maybe that’s not the way to put it. They aren’t helping AT ALL. There are only 4 people on staff, but only one is able to answer any questions. When the others answer, the answer contradicts his answer. I can’t get him to return my calls as he is always in a meeting.

So, here I am.. with a ton of questions and not a single answer feeling very alone in this process. This is why we have an agency – or so I thought – to have someone to answer questions and guide us through. Part of me thinks I’m freaking out unnecessarily, but a huge part of me says “What am I paying you for if you can’t return my calls or get me the information I’m asking for?”. Sadly, I don’t have an answer to that question. So, I guess if I don’t get any further in the next day or so, we’ll be forced to move on to another agency.

It has almost been 2 weeks since we saw her photo and were told that they were requesting more information about her. We’ve received no additional information.

It breaks my heart to think that we might not bring Little Miss home. I’m already so attached to her, but if we switch agencies, it will likely mean that we can no longer pursue adopting her. I just wish that God would speak a little louder about what we are supposed to do.


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