Our big move to a small house Part I

Oh, hi there. Are you still here? C’mon. I’m not falling for the “I’m such a loyal follower I happened to stop by to see if after a year you had written anything”. We both know that the only reason you stopped by was because my Facebook told you to or some other automated blog reminder service. No worries. I totally understand why you stopped coming by. I mean, it has been over a year. Heck, I don’t think I even documented Keaton’s 1st birthday and he just turned 3. Ugh. The mom guilt!


Let’s just move past all that and pretend that I didn’t step away from blogging for so long. mmk?


Great. Then, let’s jump right in.


When we last left off, I lived in a fairytale home much like that from “The Father of the Bride.” Every time I entered the drive I couldn’t believe I lived there.

IMG_9700 copy

IMG_9701 copy

IMG_9702 copy

IMG_9704 copy

I mean.. This was THE house that I dreamed about living in when I grew up. It was beautiful and sat on 5 acres. It was also a lot of work. For two and a half years, Chris and I put so much time, effort and love into this house. So. much. At some point, I’ll have to give you a house tour of all the before and afters we were able to accomplish. Then, one day we moved….to this house in a small town outside of Salem, Oregon:



Calm down! Calm down! Not everyone at once. You’re questions will all be answered. Let’s start with, are we crazy? No, we don’t think so, but that is up for debate.  Any regrets? Not yet! Stay turned for interior photos and LOTS of before/after shots.




  1. LOVE that you’re back to posting on this blog!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good to see you’re back….curious to hear the rest of the story!

  3. Well, I cannot wait to see what you and your momma do to make this the most adorable, charming home ever (not that it’s not quite charming as is)!!!!

  4. Welcome back!

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