Harvest day


Halloween and spirit week behind us, it's time for Harvest Day. Thank goodness there is only one that needs constant costume changes this year. … [Continue reading...]

Spirit week


Twin day at school. Nailed it. Might be the only time so I had to share.. … [Continue reading...]

A new chapter

Chris and I have been married 7 years this March. We’ve been together the better part of 12 years. There have been so many changes in our lives with very few constants. One constant has been our family, not only our immediate family, but our extended work family (although, some of those people ARE actually […]

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Pumpkin patch!!

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Mudroom reveal

tuckinginsuprheroes mudroom

I give up (for now) on giving you the step-by-step. I’m dying to show you my mudroom reveal. I’ll follow up later with the other details, but c’mon.. don’t you just want to see it?! This is my new mudroom that I did by myself thank-you-very-much with help from my awesome husband when I needed […]

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4 in the tub


Yes, you can fit all 4 in one tub.  For now…

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Sawdust Diaries mudroom week 3ish

sawdust diaries mudroom 4

And now we continue with week 3 of my mudroom build! Check out weeks 1 & 2 if you haven’t already. So, with all the prep worked done for the floors, I realized that I couldn’t tackle the floor yet. Yep. You see, we needed a new door to the breeze way. The one that […]

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Sawdust Diaries Mudroom week 1


Some of you know about my “little” project. My mudroom. I’ve been working on it for months a couple of days each week. I finally finished it a couple of weeks ago and am starting to have time to sort through the photos and bring the project the blogland.. I’m going to to my best […]

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Carter’s first Starbucks


Carter has been so helpful around the house lately that I decided to turn my kid-free errand running into a Starbucks date. If you give a kid a cookie, chances are he’ll want warm vanilla milk to go with it so… Up he went with mommy’s card. I can’t believe he is tall enough to […]

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This guy loves his bananas and teething biscuits!

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