Sawdust Diaries mudroom week 3ish

sawdust diaries mudroom 4

And now we continue with week 3 of my mudroom build! Check out weeks 1 & 2 if you haven't already. So, with all the prep worked done for the floors, I realized that I couldn't tackle the floor yet. Yep. You see, we needed a new door to the breeze way. The one that we had was extremely drafty and so old that it was near impossible to fix so, I now had to wait for the door to be installed. If I learned one thing through this process it is that not everything is or should be a DIY project. … [Continue reading...]

Sawdust Diaries Mudroom week 1


Some of you know about my "little" project. My mudroom. I've been working on it for months a couple of days each week. I finally finished it a couple of weeks ago and am starting to have time to sort through the photos and bring the project the blogland.. I'm going to to my best to show you everything before the boys start school which will give me a deadline of a couple of weeks. Cross your fingers that giving myself a deadline works and I don't instead spend all of my time on other house … [Continue reading...]

Carter’s first Starbucks


Carter has been so helpful around the house lately that I decided to turn my kid-free errand running into a Starbucks date. If you give a kid a cookie, chances are he’ll want warm vanilla milk to go with it so… Up he went with mommy’s card. I can’t believe he is tall enough to […]

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This guy loves his bananas and teething biscuits!

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1/2 of a year


How in the world is my baby, my very last baby, 6 months old today? Didn’t we just come home from the hospital yesterday… with Keaton?! I think if I could, I would freeze time right now. Yes, it is hard and we are tired, but everyday someone does something cute, funny or adorable.  Someone […]

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He says


As we were driving in the car…. Keaton: mama Me: yes? Keaton: mama Me: what Buddy? Keaton: mama Me: what baby? Keaton: mama Me: Keaton Keaton: What? Yes. That is exactly what I want to know. Now who is on first?

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Living in the country


We’re determined to make use of our blackberries this year by making jam. We headed out to the back acres before it got hot. Some of us dressed ourselves. Others didn’t get dressed at all. One of us did the majority of the berry picking and one of us slept the entire time. Wish us […]

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Rios / Roberts


Six of the eight cousins got together this week for a captivating reading of “The Day the Crayons Quit”. Just look at all those boys!

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Close to sitting


This guy… love him! He is such a cuddly little monkey that he wants to bend in half or wrap around me all day. Sometimes, rarely but sometimes, I can get him to sit for a picture before collapsing into a pile of love.

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The Buxton cousins


              Our house is a little quieter and a lot sadder this afternoon since the Buxtons left town and headed home to Reno. Four kids five and under is a lot, but 6 kids five and under is just an all out party. The boys are missing their cousins […]

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