Bathroom before and after

October 18th? Seriously?! THAT was the last time I posted? Oops. Oh well. The kids are alive and well and I'm told that is all that matters. We've been moving right along at a snail's pace on the kitchen (more on that at some point), but for now, let me show you the boys' bathroom. The before: The "now":     Short and sweet. At least I posted, right? … [Continue reading...]

Before and After: Dining room

When we moved into the house, there wasn't a designated dining room. There was room in the kitchen for a small table, but with 6 in our family, we needed a bit more room. We could have put the table in the addition, but what would go in the rest of the room? Even when we put the wall up to create our master, there would have been a large space of roughly 250 square feet. So, we put up another wall dividing what will become the en suite office (where the window bench and windows are) and … [Continue reading...]

Before & After: Master

There is so much left to do in every room of the house, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to start showing off some of the progress. Before I begin, you have to promise to ignore the quality of the photos, the fact that I didn’t even pull the sheets nice and tight when […]

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We’ll take a break from the why and get into the what. WHAT is the house like? Luckily my mother-in-law stepped in to be our designated “before shot photographer”. Thanks, Joan! He it is, or WAS when we got the keys.   The view from the front door to the left: From the kitchen nook […]

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Our big move to a small house Part III

So, I was nuts. I mean, moving would be nuts. All agreed on that, but something in me kept thinking about a smaller house on acreage. The acreage would be different that what we had. There would be plenty of it for the kids to explore, but only a very small amount of it would be […]

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Our big move to a small house Part II

Where were we? Oh, yes. We left our dream house. To understand how we got here from there, I probably need to explain where we were. Like, mental/emotion state location.   Chris had left his crazy corporate life to be able to slow down and spend more time with us and, it worked. Sort of. […]

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Our big move to a small house Part I

Oh, hi there. Are you still here? C’mon. I’m not falling for the “I’m such a loyal follower I happened to stop by to see if after a year you had written anything”. We both know that the only reason you stopped by was because my Facebook told you to or some other automated blog […]

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Harvest day

Halloween and spirit week behind us, it’s time for Harvest Day. Thank goodness there is only one that needs constant costume changes this year.

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Spirit week

Twin day at school. Nailed it. Might be the only time so I had to share..

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A new chapter

Chris and I have been married 7 years this March. We’ve been together the better part of 12 years. There have been so many changes in our lives with very few constants. One constant has been our family, not only our immediate family, but our extended work family (although, some of those people ARE actually […]

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