The grass is always greener


Sometimes I think about different arguments and jealousies that we might encounter with four boys over the years. Someone will be better at a sport. Someone will do better in a school subject. And, of course, someone will be the chosen guy by the pretty girl (Lord help us on that one). Never did I think about hair. At 4 and 5, both boys wish they had each others hair and even better would be to have Keaton's hair. Carter can spike his up which is way cool to Coen. Coen has uniqueness and can … [Continue reading...]

Sneak peek


After months of a ripped up front yard, we are finally making some headway. The boys like to watch the workers (all happen to be hispanic) from the dining room. Coen: Mom! He has skin like me! Carter: And those two have skin like me! Hmmm.umm.. sort of. … [Continue reading...]

He did that yesterday

Carter: can I have more to eat? Me: sure, you can have some fruit. Do you want an apple or banana? Carter (whining): but I had fruit yesterday! Me: then I guess you’re done.  Go brush your teeth. Carter: I already did last night. *** can somebody explain to him that today is a new […]

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Dugger style


The boys can be helpful.. When they want to be… At bath time tonight I walked into the bathroom to see this little guy on the potty Apparently his brothers decided it was time for him to use it and they got him all set up and cheered him on. Pretty sure we have another […]

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Mother of the year


As I near the 7 week mark of my tenure as a mother of 4, I figure it is time to document what life is like at the moment. This post is timely as I was just recently named recipient of the loathed Mother of the Year Award. In short, I’m drowning. Overwhelmed and drowning, […]

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What a difference a year makes. . or doesn’t

We have officially lived in our house for 1 year. It seems crazy. I feel like I can no longer use the excuse “we just moved here” to explain away all of its imperfections. My mom assures me that no one else sees them the way that I do and she might be right. Afterall, […]

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If we’re friends or even just Facebook friends, you have already heard the news. Although today was Littlest Man’s due date, he arrived early (even for his planned C-section date of the 17th) on February 12th at 6:55 a.m. weighing 7 lbs 10 oz, 18.75 inches. TINY in our household compared to his brothers (8.1lbs […]

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Update on “Girl, where you been?”

before and after

I told you, I’m not just sitting around. Honestly, if you know my boys, you KNOW I’m not just sitting around, but I’m actually doing more than not just sitting around. At some point I’ll give you a full post on this with all the steps, but for now, one picture will have to suffice. […]

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DIY plank wall

diy plank wall

During my time away from the blog, I haven’t been sitting on the couch eating bon bons. Really. I’ve been in full nesting mode and I’ve decided that this is my favorite nursery so far. Simple, clean and created with a lot of love. If you have a similar home decor style, you’ve seen the […]

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Girl, where you been?

And now for a segment we shall call “Girl, where you been?” where I return, if only briefly, from being M.I.A. to tell you just where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. In short, I’ve been creating life while trying to keep up with my now 5 year old, about to be 4 […]

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