Happy Halloween!

October 31st. Has it really been 2 months since this cute little piglet made his debut?

So far it is true what they say, once you have two kids, adding the third is nothin’, especially if the third is like Keaton. He is the sweetest little baby man. Now that he has made it through the first few weeks of being on the outside, he only fusses when he is hungry or overly tired. He loves to cuddle and is smiling up a storm lately! He is still sleeping in our room most of the time in the pack-n-play. Sometimes he ends up in our bed when we just can’t get him back to sleep – no fussing, just wide awake – and the only thing that helps him is to cuddle up with mommy or daddy.

Halloween was a huge success. The boys wanted to do Winnie the Pooh this year which was nice and easy for me. Originally I looked online and each costume was going to run around $40. When I couldn’t find a Tigger costume, I went to Craigslist and ended up finding all three costumes for a grand total of $26.50. Score!

The boys trick-or-treated at daddy’s work and filled their buckets within an hour. Carter was over it.. He started complaining that he had TOO MUCH CANDY. Really, is there another 3 year old like mine? We then headed to our friends’ home for chili and trick-or-treating and they made it for about half and hour before Carter informed us that he was done. His feet hurt. Coen was flexible. Didn’t care to continue on, didn’t have a problem with being done.

One piece of candy before bed time with no fussing or complaints. I must have the best behaved 2 and 3 year olds ever.



  1. Oh dear – Mr “C” is just growing up waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast!

  2. auntie kellie says:

    adorable! i just want to love on ’em!

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