Adoption FAQ

If you have more questions, contact me using the contact form and I’ll be happy to get back to you!


Where did you adopt  from?

Ghana, West Africa.


What agency did you use?

None. We started with an agency for another country and got an idea of what the paperwork entailed. We were then led to Ghana (read the blog to see how that happened) and rather than working with an agency, we worked with a Power of Attorney (POA) there that also worked with agencies so, he had the experience to do what we needed in Ghana without having a middleman.


Is there any agency you would recommend?

I used to recommend a certain agency, but since their coordinator left, they closed the program. What I would suggest is joining the Facebook group “Ghana Adoption” (contact me if you are serious and I’ll invite you). This group is full of mothers, fathers and some agency workers with all the experience you will need to adopt from Ghana. I can also put you in direct contact with directors of some orphanages that have children needing their forever families.


How many trips did you make?

I made three, my husband made two, we only HAD to make one.  The process took longer than we had expected and we were anxious to get to know our son as soon as possible so, the first two trips were solely for that purpose. The final trip was to bring him home.


How long did the process take?

From the moment we decided to adopt to bringing him home was 13 months. This included switching countries. This is extremely quick in adoption.