Our big move to a small house Part III

So, I was nuts. I mean, moving would be nuts. All agreed on that, but something in me kept thinking about a smaller house on acreage. The acreage would be different that what we had. There would be plenty of it for the kids to explore, but only a very small amount of it would be landscaped and needing maintenance. The house would be a fixer ’cause, aside from that being what we do, I added to the daydream the idea of not only downsizing our house, but downsizing our overall monthly expenses.  How much cheaper could we heat a house that was smaller?!  I could hear Dave Ramsey in my head telling me we should aim to pay off our mortgage!  This is one of the reasons my accountant husband married me. I LOVE to save money.


So I dreamed, but kept it to myself since, you know we had already established it was nuts and we would not be moving.


Then, Chris’ dad got sick.  We didn’t think it was anything serious, until it was.  I’m going to leave out all of the details about his dad at this point since it is not my story to tell, but suffice to say, it got really scary and stayed so for quite some time.


During this time, Chris was gone a lot going back and forth between home and the hospital and work. So when I was alone and unable to sleep, I continued scratching the itch and looking online at real estate knowing that I shouldn’t. Have you ever heard that when God talks to you he first whispers? He then gets a little louder and then he smacks you across the face? OK, maybe he won’t SMACK you, but you know, you ignore his signs and then he puts one there that you can’t ignore.


In my case, he gave me the stress of keeping up the house. Chris’ dad got very sick. Then, one of his dad’s employees who had worked at the company for 30 years gave notice that she was moving because of her husband’s job. This was the employee who did a lot of the back office book work. Are you seeing God’s work? Oh, you need more. OK. Chris comes home one night and says, ” you know, my parents still have that house I was born in.. It’s small, but it is on ten acres..”


to be continued…




  1. Oh! Even though I KNOW the whole story, I am LOVING reading it this way!!!!!!!!!!! If we would all just realized (me included) that we are not the one driving the bus, life would go so much more smoothly!

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