A new chapter

Chris and I have been married 7 years this March. We’ve been together the better part of 12 years. There have been so many changes in our lives with very few constants. One constant has been our family, not only our immediate family, but our extended work family (although, some of those people ARE actually immediate family).

Chris has been with Audigy Group for 9 years. We, along with many others, have grown from dating to married with multiple kids. I still remember when they moved to their current building and a then crawling Carter and I met Chris at the office for lunch on a Saturday. He took a break and let Carter crawl all over the 3rd floor as he shared Brandon’s vision for occupying the entire building at some point. Ha! They more than occupy it now.

Anyone who knows Chris knows that he is a give-it-110% type of guy. For the past 9 years he has done just that at work and at home, but for quite some time now he has struggled with feeling that he is falling short. His emails pile up when he spends time with the boys and he is lucky to make it home for dinner with us once each week. In then end, something had to give so, after 9 years, Chris is leaving Audigy Group’s daily operations.

This was a very hard decision for Chris. He loves the company, but even more, he loves the people. We consider so many of them family. The relationships built at this company are unparalleled and that is part of what makes Audigy Group so special.   One of the other special aspects of the company is their commitment to individuals’ personal goals so, it was not a surprise that Brandon and Mason were in full support of Chris’ need to make a change.

We are very fortunate that Brandon was able to secure an incredible replacement. Someone that Chris thinks very highly of who immediately lifted the weight of the unknown from his shoulders. He wants Audigy to be even more sucessful in his absence. I can’t imagine what it would be like to leave a position after 9 years of hard work and entrust it to someone else to build upon it. Chris is confident in the transition plan that has been put in place and can now look forward to this new step in our lives.

We are so blessed to have been a part of such an incredible group of people and companies, and we look forward to watching their future success.



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