What I wore Wednesday

Lately I’ve been trying to hip-it-up a little bit. It seems like I had gotten stuck in tunics and black leggings. You know, comfy clothes. Not quite “yoga” clothes ’cause who am I kidding, I don’t yoga, but comfy clothes that I could still wear my brown boots with or “running” clothes – as if I have gone for a single run this past month.


Anyway. Hipping-it-up.


I’ve noticed more and more people sharing what they wore on their blogs. I figured that was one sure way to motivate me to get out of my rut. So, without further ado, what I wore Wednesday!

what I wore tuckinginsuperheroes.com

what I wore 1 tuckinginsuperheroes.com

Shirt: JCPenneys $24, Pants: Target $28,  Necklace: Target $25, Shoes: Target $15 (last year, but they have other colors this year),

Sock bun help: an awesome cousin, but you can get yours here for $4

head to toe under $100 tuckinginsuperheroes.com

There you have it. Head-to-toe for under $100 and I can wear each item with other outfits. Score.

How did I do? Any pieces that I should NOT wear again? Give a girl some help here, huh?

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  1. Cammie Baldwin says:

    I love the shirt, pants and the hair! I need to hip it up too!

  2. Okay, I AM officially old. I haven’t even ever heard of a sock bun.
    As always, you look adorable!
    Gramma Cupcake

  3. Your outfit is super cute!

  4. Super cute!

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