The little brothers

Oh how I worried that Keaton would not do well with Kacher! He was the baby and I just knew that bringing  a new baby home would throw him for a tailspin. You’ve got to love when you are totally wrong about what you think your kids will do. Keaton has been the most excited to welcome Kacher of all the boys. It is as if he has claimed Kacher as HIS brother, realizing that they are closer in age just as Carter and Coen are.


From Day 1, he has brought blankets to Kacher, pacifiers, holds the bottle when he is being fed, you name it. He wants to help! Every single time I give Kacher tummy time on the ground, Keaton comes right over and lays on his tummy right next to him as if to keep him company. The other day, while I was making dinner, I had Kacher in his swing next to me. I looked over and saw Keaton talking away to him and then he covered his own eyes with his hands and quickly pulled them back yelling “boop a boo!” MELT THIS MAMA’S HEART!


Another thing he likes to do is hold his baby. If this video doesn’t show you just how much possessiveness he has for his little brother, I’m not sure what will. Maybe the following video below?






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