2 years home

Today we celebrated. It has been 2 years since we got off the plane with Coen from Ghana. It seems surreal. Has it been 2 years already? The wait seemed so long. Then I realize, has it ONLY been 2 years? One of the most important people in my life and he has only been in my life for 2 years? Haven’t I known him my entire life?



Going back through photos for this post made me realize how much he has changed in two years. He was just a baby when we brought him home at 19 months. And so tiny! 31.5 inches and 22lbs. Referrring to Keaton’s 1 year post… yep. Keaton is already that tall and weighs 24lbs. Coen was my tiny little guy.

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We spent the day together, our family of 5. We went bowling and played in an arcade and had dinner and topped it all off with ice cream. It was fun celebrating with Keaton this year. He still has no idea what we are celebrating, but it makes me smile that even he and his soon-to-be brother or sister, will get to participate in celebrating Coen joining our family.



  1. Oh! He WAS tiny!!!! The same size as Coen AT 12 MONTHS pretty much! And WHAT A BLESSING he has brought to ALL of our lives!

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