Tired baby

Oh, sweet Keaton.

He really is normally a pretty quiet sleeper and has made this mama very happy by sleeping at least 9 hours a night since he was about 10 weeks old (give or take a rough night), but the other day, boy was he loud! Although he is a good night sleeper, he will only sleep during the day if he is held or MAYBE if we are out and about and he is tired enough to fall asleep in his carseat. If I dare to lay him down once he is asleep, he will 99% of the time, wake up within about 2 minutes. So, this is me holding him. The sudden jiggling is just what he usually likes and tends to put him completely out – not on this day. Doesn’t he look annoyed?




  1. Aunt Jeannette says:

    I don’t think he looks annoyed at all! Oh Heather he is PRECIOUS! I’ve been sure thinking of you and packing and house showings and….Yikes!

  2. I think these noises are his way of self-soothing. He’s my sweet little guy.

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