It’s happening

I can’t believe it is really happening. Our POA was told today at the embassy that Kwasi’s visa will be granted and will be printed soon. I really just can’t believe it.

This has seemed like such a long journey and yet, I know, start to finish it will have been less than 13 months. That is INCREDIBLY short for international adoption. I think the reason is seems extra long is that we have known about Kwasi, seen his face, since January 25th. So, of the 13 months, almost 8 months of them have been spent thinking of him and not an unknown child. Each month has passed and we have missed watching him grow. During this time, we have received photos from two traveling friends and we took some ourselves during our trip in July. That is a long time to know who your son is without being able to be with him and receiving almost no photos or video. In many other countries, the wait for a referral is longer, but you only have to wait 3-4 months to bring them home.

At any rate, it’s almost over. We’ll be brining him home within the next few weeks and he’ll be ours forever.

I still can’t believe it.



  1. yay! Doing the happy dance for you!!! 8 months is a long time… we waited for two of our three that long knowing who there were and that thye were growing up while we waited. It is frustrating to know that paperwork is the only think keeping them from being home. The hard work is really about to begin though. Sending up more prayers for a smooth adjustment for Kwasi and your family.

  2. Can hardly contain my excitement for all of us. It's so wonderful when our prayers are answered, isn't it?

  3. That is wonderful news!! We are so excited for you guys!! Looking forward to meeting him.

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