Playroom reveal part 1

I think at some point I mentioned that we decided that the playroom would be our first task at the new house. We did this for a few reasons. 1)We thought it would be the most used room (and it is)  2) Keaton was getting ready to crawl and the carpet was n-a-s-t-y. This, with reason #1, made the decision for us.


Before. When it was listed on the market.



Before: empty.

 Striped rooms are the bathroom and small office and the open door goes outside.


From the exterior door. Do you LOVE the curtains? It was driving me nuts that they didn’t hit the floor.


From the kitchen



What you can’t really see well is just how dirty the white walls were. This was clearly the most used room and they took full advantage of the fireplace (so much so that it had no damper left and we got to replace it, yeah.)


First, we paid to have the popcorn ceiling removed and the ceiling textured. So. much. better.

I know we could have done this, but it is so messy and time-consuming. These guys were in and out in 4 hours because they had a system. We however, painted the ceiling. ugh. One of my least favorite DIYs.

sea salt

We painted the walls Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. Love the paint, not as excited about the color. I tested it on a few walls for a few days and loved it. Once on the entire wall however, it disappears most of the day. That is, it looks white. Some parts of the day you can see some blue, but it is not the sea greenish color that I saw when I painted my sample. Darn pacific NW sunlight.


I had the big white frame in Keaton’s nursery at the old house, but thought it would work perfect on this wall where I could showcase one special artist every so often. Right now we are spotlighting Carter’s “He had the whole world in his hands” piece. Pretend that you don’t notice that I’m not done with the photos going up the stairs. Nowhere near actually. I just have some frames up halfway up the stairs and will be finished and printing photos soon.

oh, I can’t lie to you. I don’t know that it will be soon. Honestly, who knows when that will get done?

With all the ceiling and walls done. It was time to deal with the carpet that smelled like wet dog, had paint drippings and looked liked this:




I never noticed carpet padding before this house, maybe because the padding was so awful here. You could feel where it had been completely worn down to nothing.


We got new carpet!!! I scored top of the line carpet from the clearance section because it was discontinued and they only had exactly enough to do this one room. What would have been $4.50 sq. ft. was in the $2.22 pile! Even better, I upgraded to the 8 lb pad (this room is going to see a lot of wear and tear) and the day of the install was told we got upgraded for free to 10 lbs pad because they were out of the 8.


Excuse the less than excited Keaton. He woke up from a nap on the wrong side of the crib. He really does like the carpet. Promise.

Stay tuned for furniture, wall decor and toys! Oh, my!





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