In HIS time

Carter was born on Christmas Eve, but Kwasi seems to be our real holiday baby.

I first met him on MY BIRTHDAY

We passed court on ST. PATRICK’S DAY

Chris met him on the 4TH OF JULY

and as we got closer and closer, I just KNEW our pick-up trip would be over LABOR DAY.

I knew it so much that I bought our tickets so, I was happy, but depressed when I was told that his visa would be ready September 9th. It struck me that it just wasn’t right. It honestly did not make sense to me. I had planned that it would be this holiday weekend I know things “happen for a reason” but it just hit this mama hard that this was.not.right.

Reluctantly, I changed our tickets. Paid the $250 change fee for mine (got lucky on Chris’) and that was that. My labor pains started as I waited for the 8th to come for us to fly to Ghana.

Then today… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!! I got an email from the embassy saying that his visa has been printed and it can be picked up THIS FRIDAY!!!! I grabbed a hold of my crazed self and started texting with Chris to see if we could go sooner. I was a madwoman looking at Delta flights and calling family members to watch Carter and Esinam while trying to get a hold of our POA to see about him picking up the visa. And then (dramatic pause) everything fell into place.

We are leaving Saturday morning to bring our son home! We will be back on Wednesday afternoon. That is a whole day before we would have even left! This will allow Chris to spend a whole week with us before going on his business trip.

Thank you, GOD! Lessoned learned. You are driving this bus and I shouldn’t try to knock you out of the driver’s seat even if you gave me the heads up that it would be this weekend. I should have patiently waited knowing you would get me where I needed to go and I could have saved $500 in change fees.

Whatever. We’re going to get our son! Our holiday baby!

We’re arriving Wednesday, September 7 on Delta flight 1194 at 3:55. Everyone is welcome to come meet Kwasi!



  1. Awesome:) all is good;)

  2. Amazing. Finally something in the world of Ghana adoptions moved faster than expected. Enjoy your trip – we're so excited for you!

  3. Yahoooo! God is great isn't he! I'm SO glad that you get Chris home a week before he leaves, that will be a real blessing to Kwasi's transition! God knows what you need best 🙂 I can't wait to see pictures of that little guy home!

  4. GOD is GOOD! I'm so bursting with joy and tears. All is right within my heart. Wish I lived nearer so I could meet you at the airport. I'll be there in spirit. See all of your family in Octobe.

  5. I have goosebumps!
    Gramma Cupcake

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