Doctor’s appointment

My big boys are getting.. big. We had their 3 year and 4 year check-ups today and they did great. I warned them early that they might get some “pokes” , but told them that if they did a great job, they could pick a piece of Halloween candy when we got home (yep, still have an entire bag full and as excited as they get about candy, they never ask for it which works out great for me!)


Both are staying along their same growth percentages. Carter is at 75% for height and 45% for weight and Coen is at 25% for height and 15% for weight. Carter’s seems about right, but I’m surprised that Coen is on the shorter side. He is and has always worn the same size clothing that Carter did 1 year prior so I guess it just goes to show that there isn’t much of a variance in these percentages. The fact that they are both on the skinny-side, not surprised. I can hardly get them to sit still long enough to eat.


Carter got one shot and did well. Coen got 3 since we are still getting him caught up from his Ghana days, and screamed bloody murder for each one.  They now proudly show their battle wounds.



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