Hall lights

In an effort to avoid completing the downstairs bathroom, I turned my attention to the ugly hall lights upstairs that can be seen the moment you walk in the front door of our home.

hall lights tuckinginsuperheroes.com


hall lights tuckinginsuperheroes.com





Is anyone going to argue that they needed some attention? They even seemed to be hung to high on the walls. At first, I tried to just spray painted one oil rubbed bronze. The paint went fine and it looks.. fine, but I’m not going for fine. I want to LOVE these lights that I see numerous times each day. I want to love them the way I love my new lights in the living room. So…


hall lights tuckinginsuperheroes.com


I used the same lights that I used in the living room and I love them! They are just the farmhouse look I’m going for and for $20 each, I was able to update the hallway for $80. Yes, the white carpet needs to go and we need a fresh coat of paint on the walls, new baseboards, and the banister is going to get some love soon.. why does it always seem that my posts about updates end with a long list of items still left to do?

hall light tuckinginsuperheroes.com


I have to add, I did changes these lights out myself. A year ago I totally would have waited for Chris to get home and would have handed him the unopened box that contained a new light. I’m over that. This was so easy. Really. You can do it. just turn off the electricity first. I almost had Carter video me doing this to show you just how easy it was, but he informed me he was “busy” so, here is a You Tube video for you.

One tidbit: Don’t bother using the orange wire nuts that come with the light fixture. They are just horrible and will make you feel like a failure. Use the current ones or buy new. It will make the job so much easier!



  1. janet dye says:

    I stumbled on your blog many months ago & have followed you since then. I don’t have a blog but I sure love reading about your darling family! What an impressive young woman you are! I can”t wait to see all that you accomplish with your home and boys!

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