Dedicated to God

Look at these three. Not the little old lady, that’s G.G. (great-grandma Lou). The other three. The soon-to-be heartbreakers of East Vancouver. My handsome little trio was dedicated at church today and they did great! Keaton slept through the entire event, but the other two remained quiet as our congregation prayed over them and asked God to guide us as parents as we vow to raise them in a Godly way until they can make their own decision to follow God.


We had no problem getting them to dress-up. My boys LOVE to wear ties and didn’t even ask to take off their cute little suit jackets. Ugh. They grow so quickly! This evening before bed something trigger this thought in Carter’s head and, with the assistance of a lack of a nap, he burst into tears. He told me he was worried that he would grow too quickly and leave his friends behind. When I pointed out that his two best buddies at school are actually a month and two older than him, he was devastated that they would outgrow him. God bless his sweet little heart. I finally got him to understand that no matter who eats more or who has a birthday first, he will continue to grow right alongside his school friends. But please, Sweetieman, not too quickly!



  1. carolyn rios says:

    Precious. Wish I had been there.

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