Carter and Kwasi

Smiles ALL the time
Has to sleep in his own bed or he has trouble sleeping
Sleeps all night
Rubs his eyes when he’s tired
Tell him “no” and the thought that he has been naughty might bring him to tears
He will go to anyone. Seriously. He would go home with a complete stranger if they just smile at him

He makes you work for a smile
Pretty sure he would FREAK about a crib, he currently just grabs a blanket and passes out on any floor at nap time.
Gets up around midnight to eat and then wakes in the morning around 4:30 or 5
Scratches his head when he’s tired
Tell him “no” and he gives you his best “just watch me” look (He actually sounds a lot like me when I was his age)
He needs a good 24 hours before he is OK letting you sit near him. Until then, you can stay on your side of the room thank-you-very-much!

What they have in common? They both adore daddy and want to do everything that he does!



  1. He is SO cute, and so little! He looks like he is smaller than Faith even. Your boys sound like ours… total opposites.. it promises to keep life interesting! Then we added a girl to the mix… 😉

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