Whew! Close one!

So, we’re still just waiting. Waiting for our next home study meeting, waiting for our fingerprinting results, waiting… I was going over our paperwork AGAIN today and started looking into the whole getting our papers “sealed” by the state.

The state seal is basically, if I have this correct, having the state verify the notarization that you got. So, if you have something notarized in another state, you would have to have that document sealed by that state.

Apparently, some states will seal just the two documents that need to be sealed. Others insist on sealing everything. What this means is 1) a lot more money ($15 per document sealed) 2) Having to get our two letters of recommendation sealed in other states.

Luckily, I called our State Seal office today and they can seal just the two documents as long as I redo one of the documents taking out a sentence that implies that the other documents are attached.. So, retyping and a new notarization instead of dealing with two other states for seal.



  1. Good catch! All this red tape sounds so frustrating an exhausting…but it will ALL be worth it in the end!
    Gramma Cupcake

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