Suggested reading

I just finished reading "There is no me without you" and I have say,
it is one if the best books I've ever read.

The book is a true story of an Ethiopian woman who starting taking in
orphans off the street because they had nowhere else to go. She didn't
have the room or the money to support them, but she took them in

Now, to elaborate… This is not a warm-fuzzy book (although there are
numerous parts that are mushy and make you want to hug the closest
person to you and cry tears of joy). Overall, this is a devastating
book. It is a call to action or at least, it was for me.

Its 427 pages kept me awake at night. Not wanting to put it down, but
then, giving into exhaustion and turning off the light, the images
described in the book ran through my mind.

What has made an even stronger impact is that all the events in this
book take place between 1998 and 2006. While I was reading and would
see a date, I would automatically remember what I was doing at that

What started as a way to get to know more about the country that our
child is being born into, has become a strong desire to do more. You
can't just adopt a child from Ethiopia and call it good. From this day
forward, Ethiopia will be a huge part of our lives.

I would encourage anyone to read this book especially those who will
be closest to our children to really understand the heritage of our
expectant child.

Be prepared to be moved.


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