9 months

This guy…





is 9 months old today. What?! 9 months. That is like, get-planning-his-first-birthday-party 9 months. This is not right. Where did the time go?


My littlest man is now pulling up on everything and crawling everywhere, including upstairs. He is about to cut his third tooth and is already taking toys from his older brothers who adore him and want to protect him even when he is demanding their most prized possessions. He smiles constantly and his laugh is infectious.

My 29 1/4″ long, 22 pounds, littlest man who wears size 18 months, is 9 months today.


Oh, sweet baby man. Let’s hit the pause button.



  1. What a cute little {big} guy! This is my first time on your site, and I am really enjoying it. I too, am a mommy of three (although mine are eight years old and under!) and my three month old is also a big baby! It is amazing how quickly time flies!!

    • Heatherdroberts says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Jenny!I just got done visiting at your site as well and am now an excited subscriber!

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