1 year doctor appointment

Keaton did great at his one year appointment. Four shots, but he only cried for a moment.


He is now practically running across rooms and can follow commands now (if he wants to). I can tell him to pick up a toy and put it away and he will pick it up, walk it to the other side of the room and put it away. LOVING THIS. We can use all the help we can get cleaning the playroom. He eats pretty much everything and insists on eating if the boys are getting a snack. He will actually help himself to the snack cabinet if Mommy isn’t quick enough. Ready for his stats? Here it goes:


31.5 inches, 24 punds

This is like 80% for height and in the 50s for weight. Say what? Skinny?

At this age, Carter was and inch shorter and weighed a pound and a half less. So, they were pretty similar.


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