The Buxton cousins








Our house is a little quieter and a lot sadder this afternoon since the Buxtons left town and headed home to Reno. Four kids five and under is a lot, but 6 kids five and under is just an all out party. The boys are missing their cousins already with many tears shed, but have no fear, Auntie left them with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gummies so, they have forgotten their worries for a little while.


We were able to get all 8 Buxton cousins together for some fun blueberry picking at Majestic Farms. Some of us (Jonah) did more eating then picking while others were so focused on adding to our buckets (Keaton) that we starting picking them off of the ground.. Our little princess, Isabelle, has turned into quite the little mama since we saw her last. She was always looking out of the little ones and they adored her!


Meanwhile, these three were causing all sorts of trouble.



The youngest of them all got a free ride from his beautiful mama.



While Kacher didn’t realize he attended at all…



Until next time Buxtons…





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