The Polar Express

The Polar Express has long been one of my favorite Christmas stories. We even used it as Carter’s first birthday theme! That same year, we found out about the Mt. Hood Polar Express. We had a great time, but seriously regretted buying the cheap seats. This year, Grandma and Papa invited Carter and Coen to go and they could not have been more excited. Afraid that they wouldn’t take their naps, I didn’t tell them the day of the trip and instead, woke them up from their naps with new pajamas and slippers. That would have been enough for Carter. He was over-the-top excited about the robe and “daddy” slippers.

Polar Express Pajamas

Coen woke up on the wrong side of the bed on account of his refusing to take a nap until 15 minutes prior to me waking him up, but we did persuade him to smile for a photo and in the end, the BOTH had a blast on the Polar Express.





  1. Guess Mr “C” is going to be our “ham” in the family. Maybe Coen is just slow to wake up as it’s obvious that he’s slow to go to sleep. Little Dickens.

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