1 week

In 1 week (actually less than that if you consider that it is 9 pm right now), Kwasi has his visa interview appointment. I can’t believe it is almost here. I’m so nervous about it. They will either ask for his passport to print his visa or ask for more information/documentation. If they take his visa, I will breathe my first sigh of relief in one year. We will then be able to figure out when we get to go get him and start to plan our trip!

I got word today that his passport was picked up and his medical was done. The passport has actually been ready since July 20th, but why pick it up before you need it, right 😉



  1. Sending up prayers to Our Lady of Good Success that she finds you some happy news!!! If you type 'count down' in google a site comes up that counts down to the second 😉 Its free…

  2. Holy cow! It's getting closer and closer. Am so excited for you. Pray for more patience which all of us need. Yeah!

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