Diamond in the rough

We have been.busy.

Three boys. The holidays. Carter’s birthday. A new house. Planning for Coen’s birthday.

What? Oh. You caught that, huh? The new house part. um.. yeah.. I don’t even know where to begin so let’s just jump right into the middle shall we?


The new place:



How I see it:



Ok.. I might be a little disillusioned, but I see so much potential!

Aside from the projects, I’m drooling over the backyard. Just think what the imaginations of three and four-year-old boys can do with this place! It backs to a greenbelt so this picture only begins to show the open forested area behind it.


So maybe back to the beginning a little bit? We’re not moving far. 1.5 miles actually. Yes, we adore our current home. Yes, it kills us a little to leave it. No, this house isn’t any bigger than our current place. Yes, we just might be crazy as some have told us – to our faces.

What this new home does have that our current place is lacking is potential (oh, and a huge bath tub in the master!). When we moved into our current home, the previous owners had upgraded just about everything. We added a patio, built-ins in the office and shutters upstairs, but everywhere else we looked, it seemed a shame to make any changes because it already looked great. If you know me, you know I love a home improvement project and I enjoy it even more when I can do it for next to nothing. Chris loves to work with his hands, something he doesn’t get to do at work. This house, well… it needs some serious love and tons of home improvement projects. Aside from the kitchen which was updated with granite countertops and nice cabinets, the entire house needs a facelift.

Yes, we just might be crazy. I said it before.

But maybe we’re not. It can be hard to find time to spend together with you have different hobbies and three kids. It seems that we end up forgoing our hobbies in favor of spending more time together, which is good. It means that after 5 years we still enjoy each other more than any of our hobbies. What would be better however, would be to find a hobby that we both enjoy and spend our time as a family, doing it. These home improvement projects might just be what we need! Carter is already getting his tools ready to help Dad.

Sweeten the deal by adding that we found a bank owned property that is going to cut serious money off our mortgage debt and have us student-loan free, and now you are really talking my language.


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  1. Oh, I can hardly wait to see what all you do with this fabulous house! The boys are gonna LOVE the backyard!

    Gramma Cupcake

  2. The Buxtons says:

    Congrats!! That is very exciting!!

  3. katie jaeger says:

    Heather, you and my daughter-in-love need to get together. She loves these kinds of projects and would totally be cheering for you! I am too! Can’t wait to see the progress so please take the before and after pics!!!!!


  4. I see a lot of camping in the backyard. I love the house. Can’t wait to see your boys (big and small) working on the projects. This is another exciting time for the frat house.

  5. auntie kellie says:

    this is awesome!

  6. I am so pleased and excited for you, the house looks beautiful both, before and after. and I think it s great that you can picture it in your mind like that how it will look when its finished. I know the boys will be a big help. Love you all, Grandma Loop

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