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Did you hear my squeal on Sunday when I got home from the lake and saw my stitch fix box in the mailbox?! It was so hard NOT to open it prior to unloading the kids and the car and getting everyone fed, bathed and to bed. Ok, it was impossible. I opened it, went through everything and then waited to try everything on until my chores were done.


As a refresher or for anyone new, here is what Stitch Fix is:

1)You go online and sign up for an account and fill out a quick questionnaire that tells a personal shopper more about your style. You can be very picky and tell them what colors you do NOT want and even tell them flat out “no jewelry” or whatever you want. You can even set the price point. They are shopping for you!

2) Pick a delivery date and pay $20.

3) You then check the mailbox every 5 minutes until your package arrives with 5  hand-selected items for you!

4) Buy what you want and the $20 you paid is applied toward the bill. Mail back (in their free shipping envelope) what you don’t want and that is that.

As a bonus, if you buy all 5 pieced you get to take an additional 25% off the total.


My last Fix I bought everything. I LOVED it. This Fix was different, but the same, but different. You see, they sent me 5 new pieces, but I felt like they sent me the same stuff, does that make sense? In my last fix, I bought a red and black chevron tank top. This time they sent me this:

stitch fix 2 www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com


A loose-fitting chevron blouse. I liked it, I really did, but isn’t one piece of chevron per wardrobe enough?


I liked this one a lot too and really debated on keeping it, but again, I JUST bought a floral, see-through-ish, top in my last fix AND this one was a hefty $48. I just couldn’t do it.

stitch fix 2 www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com

This one I liked as well, but it was too small. Also, it is another loose-fitting, see-through-ish floral. I’m trying to get out of  a rut, but I don’t want to jump right into another one.

stitch fix 2 www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com


This was just a “no” for me. A long-sleeved mini. I actually think my sister and I had this dress in the 90s. I have a ton of black and white stripes in my closets already as well.

stitch fix 2 www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com


This one, I kept. I just loved it. The material is nice, the color is fun and I really needed a summer cocktail-type dress. Something different from the little black dresses. It is a bit short, but that is why it has been delegated to date night attire. Now I just need somewhere to wear it!

stitch fix 2 www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com


So, this Fix wasn’t as successful as the last, but it was still fun and when I don’t like something, I am able to give my stylist feedback to help her better determine what should come in my next fix. I can’t wait!


Want to try it? Check it out here:

You will likely be put on a wait list, but worry not! I was only on the wait list 2 days!

I’m sharing what I wore over at here and here and here and here.




  1. Lindsay Willcox says:

    I love the dress you are keeping! Looks great, Heather!

  2. I love, loved, L O V E D the last dress the best! You look adorable!
    Gramma Cupcake

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