It’s a

It’s a ….


We had THE appointment yesterday. The one where they can tell us if we are adding another gentlemen or a pretty little lady to our herd. We knew it was a girl. This pregnancy has been so difference from the last – well, four. I was nauseous for one, but other symptoms occurred that I hadn’t experienced before. So, we had our girl name picked our and  a good list of boy names, none of which stood out as the front-runner. In my head I was planning the cutest gender revel photo.


I dropped the boys at school and picked Chris up at work. Then, with Keaton in tow, we headed to the hour-long ultrasound. About half-way through the tech pointed and said, “there”. I think my exact response was “Dear God, WHAT IS THAT?” to which Chris responded “I think it is a penis”. So, our little lady has man parts. Ok. No. We are having our fourth boy!

 4th baby

We looked at each other in disbelief and laughed with tears in our eyes. What else can you do, but laugh. Four boys.


Don’t get me wrong, we are thrilled it is a boy! I get giddy picturing my two sets of brothers going through school together. Their rooms, each with two twin beds or even a bunk room with two sets of bunk beds! When talking about them I can refer to them as the big brothers and the little brothers. Giddy I tell you!


But as I was in Target yesterday it me a little hard as I walked past the red glittered Mary Janes in size 2. This is it. No girls for us. No mother daughter teas, no pedicure dates (well, Ok. Carter did ask if he could get a pedicure with me so, that one is still on the table). But then, I turned another corner and saw a cute pair of shoes for myself. Hmmm… with four boys, I really only have to buy clothes for one kid and supplement here and there for occasions for everyone. That means there is more in the budget for my clothes! Really, between the boys’ high school appetites and a girls’ wardrobe budget (’cause what is the point in having a little girl unless you dress her adorably?!), we would have been broke for the next 22 years. Not to mention, “boys’ days”. Yes, the days that the boys all hang out together with Daddy and I get time to myself!!!!! I think this is going to work out just fine!


And so it is. We are excited/proud parents to boys. Rowdy, dirty, stinky, sweet, loving boys.



  1. Fabulous post! We are over the moon about this latest blessing!
    Gramma Cupcake

  2. This is going to be so much fun. Oh the prospect of mischief from four little boys is such a wonderful giddy feeling for me. The Roberts Frat House is surely going to be a busy one. 🙂

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