Superhero Birthday Party

With the title of my blog, you would think that I had already thrown a superhero birthday party. Nope. My little guys have just gotten into the superhero thing in the last few months and boy, are they IN to it! So, I was so excited to see the invitation to my nephew’s big superhero party even though we couldn’t attend (they live 10 hours from us by car). I knew my sister-in-law would  nail it and I couldn’t wait to see pictures! Somehow, she got ALL of my mom’s party planning talent. My mom was known for her elaborate kid’s parties. Every detail was considered down to the raisin on her front tooth (making it look like she was missing a tooth) at my brother’s pirate party where she dressed head-to-toe as a pirate captain and guided the three year olds on a treasure hunt.


Yep. That kind of detail. And, it my sister-in-law has the same talent!


Handmade superhero capes for all the kids.  Are you kidding me? Adorable! I love that she made “girly” capes as well.

superhero capes



The cupcake toppers are too perfect, but the piece to really notice is that the cupcake wrappers and frosting color coordinate with the topper. Be honest. How many of us would have just done one color frosting that maybe coordinated with most of the toppers or even just picked one topper and thought we were pretty badass for doing that much? Details that never occur to me (unless pointed out by my mother).



superhero cupcakes


If getting your own cape wasn’t enough, each kid still got a goodie bag! Again, with different superhero logos. No slacking here, people!

superhero goodie bags


I’m inspired. I’m going to start planning Keaton’s first birthday that is just around the corner. Maybe if I start now, I have a chance at adding half the detail that she did! It really does make the party extra special doesn’t it?


How about you? Any tips on how to add special details to a party? I’m thinking baseball themed for Keaton since it will my first summer birthday party!



  1. Storm Buxton says:

    Thanks Heather! I know Keaton’s party will be fabulous. A baseball themed party has endless possibilities. Very cute theme!

    Look at this party…

  2. are those just stickers on the goodie bags?

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