4:57 a.m.

I won’t keep you in suspense. The interview went.. well, okay, fine, overall good.

I kept waking up all night for brief moments and would think to myself “oh no, he hasn’t call yet. Is that bad?”

Then, at 4:57 a.m. He called! He said he had good news and that the interview went very well! However, he needs me to FedEx him a new Power of Attorney document that includes Kwasi’s date of birth (he has never needed this included before so, he had our POA without the date of birth) and photos of us WITH Kwasi. If I can get it all to him, he will be granted another appointment next Tuesday.

To some this may seem… not good. The thing is, this could have gone 100 different ways. The fact that they are asking for specific items, items that are very easy to get and make sense (the photos will prove that we have met him and are fully aware of the child we are adopting), to me, is a very good sign. Hopefully, they will grant the visa next Tuesday when they receive these items.

Of course, I’ve been up since 4:57. I’ve ordered the photos, created the new POA and am now just waiting for the rest of Washington to get up and out of bed so that I can pick the photos up and get the POA notarized 😉



  1. Yeah! Sounds as though it's a good thing and he'll be with us soon. Might think about taking a nap when Mr C does today sweetie.

  2. Okay, just one MORE week of waiting then. I cannot wait until this is all behind us and our little guy is here!!!
    Gramma Cupcake

  3. Sounds like good news to me!!! How come WA doesn't wake up when you do, don't they understand?!?! I'm sure you will be praising God soon when Kwasi is home and you have all the nasty paperwork behind you!

  4. I think that sounds great Heather. At least you know what they need and can get it. I also think a picture is worth a thousand words. We will continue to pray.

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