My daredevil

With Daddy out of town on business and Carter spending some time with Grandma and Papa, I had one pretty down #2. Even a strawberry milkshake and tickling wasn’t getting this guy to smile. We usually don’t buy any toys throughout the year since they get so much at Christmas and their birthday from all our family, I gave in to a request I’ve been hearing from him for the past month.


We now have a skater dude in the family.


This was the very first time he placed his foot on the board. Do you love how he is ready to go straight to the top of the hill? Reminds me of his uncle TJ at this age.


He has since set skateboarding aside in favor of riding a bike without training wheels! I’ll try to get it on video soon to share. I’d like to say that Carter won’t be too far behind, but if I’m being honest, he has just too much of his mama in him. It might be awhile folks.



  1. He is fearless for sure! Watching him on the bike scares me half to death, and I have no doubt he will master the skateboard soon!
    Gramma Cupcake

  2. That is pretty exciting, he is not afraid to try something new, that is for sure. Go Coen.

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