First Day of school

This summer went by way too fast and my little guys aren’t even in school full-time yet. They both started back at preschool yesterday attending two mornings each week. Man, was it an adjustment to  HAVE to be somewhere by 8:30. I mean, we are up and out of the house by 8:30 on most days anyway since someone is always up by 6 and hey, why not have a play date or get some errands run before the normal people are up? But, to HAVE to be dressed decently, fed and to school that is 20 minutes away by 8:30, for some reason the pressure makes it harder.

first day of school


They both had a great first day. Carter’s teacher actually moved up with him which was a great surprise for us. We love Mrs. Zoe and it helped because Carter has recently decided he wants to be home-schooled. Umm hmm..  You know, ’cause I have oodles and toodles of time and patience to be a good teacher for him. One day back and school and I think he has decided he can stick it out with his friends. The circle time and jumping song didn’t hurt in swaying him.



  1. Such a cute picture…they are growing up too fast! I amhappy taht they both had a great time!

  2. They both look so very handsome and grown up. I am happy that Carter changed his mind about being home-schooled, I personly think all kids need the social part of school also. (my opinion)

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