More cousins

Carter and Coen recently spent a couple of nights at Grandma J and Papa Roger’s house while we finished up round 1 of moving. Keaton stayed with us and got some one on one time with G.G. during the day and then in the evening, we got to pretend that we only had one child. It was heaven. Quiet, peaceful, heaven.


Coincidentally, Roger’s sister had her two oldest grandchildren minus their littlest brother staying over. I only saw pictures, but these two look so precious! The last time we saw the Mackie family, it was just  Jonah, Carter and a very new Cora. Now, we’ve added 3 more between us. Time really does fly.


I loved hearing about their time with their cousins – the Macks as the boys called them. I wish I captured it on video as Carter told me that they met “new cousins” and referring to Cora as “Coen’s cousin” who is Coen’s age and Jonah as “my cousin” as if they were paired up. He even told me “my cousin could read his own books!” (they went to the library with their grandmas). I love that right now, being able to read your own books makes you cooler than cool. I could totally handle the boys giving in to peer pressure of this kind.

Cousins 2




  1. Grandma J says:

    Yep, we had a great time with those Mack’s!!

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