There’s no place like home


When we last left off, we were about to close on our new home and had just accepted an offer on our current home. Yeah!

Then the deal on the home we were buying fell through. Ugh. We asked politely if our buyer might consider letting us keep our house, but no cigar was to be had. We had to move and we had to do it by March 15th.

Ok. No biggie. I hit the ground running and saw everything on the market. Problem. There is nothing on the market. Everything is being swooped up on within days of being listed. EVERYTHING was pending or was getting an offer that day. No wonder this guy is not backing down and was willing to pay above asking. hmmm..


Let’s back up further, shall we?


Back in October, I was pursuing homes online (a fun little pastime) and came across what just might our dream home. Colonial style with shutters – so me – and 5 acres with a big garage – so Chris. We couldn’t believe the price so, we decided to call on it. We never got a call back and it was taken off the market. Ok, God. Door shut, on with our lives. End of December we had the urge to buy the much smaller colonial style home on a much smaller lot and ran into problem after problem. The first time we were told we had to request an extension on our close date, we were ready to run. We felt that something just wasn’t right and we were getting a sign not to move forward, but our realtor offered to take care of the issue and out of guilt/confusion we decided to proceed. When it came time to again ask for an extension with no guarantee of ever closing, we pulled the plug. This was definitely a sign. Had we backed out at the first stop sign, our house would still have been ours. Since we flew right through it, we now had no where to live and just 30 days to solve the problem.


Back to where we left off. Nothing on the market. I looked back at the colonial dream house to see that it was back on the market, but alas, it was pending. I asked our agent to just pretty please call and see if it really was a done deal. As a matter-of-fact, this pending deal was “bump-able”. The other buyer needed to sell their ridiculously overpriced home prior to being able to close on the deal. We gave them our offer and waited to hear if the first buyers were going to waive their contingency or not. They did not! We are now Buyer #1 on the property.

Did I mention that Chris has not seen the inside of this place yet? Minor detail.

Hopefully he’ll see it mañana prior to leaving on his business trip and we will live happily ever after (Ok, there are quite a few more steps in there, inspection, appraisal, moving to a rental before we can move into this house, etc.).





13121888_15_0*FYI: the notes on the photos are not mine 🙂


Man, oh man. I really hope we heard God correctly on this one. I’m exhausted by  all the twists and turns he has us taking lately and am ready to be s.e.t.t.l.e.d.




  1. Maybe the frustration of the last few days was just a test. Looks like He has opened another door to me. You are blessed.

  2. Sarah Woodman says:

    Beautiful. Looks turnkey. Congrats!

  3. The house looks beautiful, the patio’s are fabulous, I hope everything goes o.k. this time. Love ya

  4. The house is gorgeous! My husband’s a realtor and it is a seller’s market! The goods ones move quickly. Hope everything works out.

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