Living in the country, the other side

I’ve written about how I am enjoying country living and I am, really. But, I found one aspect I do not care for..


This morning I woke up to Keaton at 6 am and the two of us stumbled to the kitchen to make his bottle. I sat him in his high chair and as the water warmed, Carter came downstairs. As per usual, he asked if he could watch a show. At 6 am, Honey, you can do whatever you want as long as it does not involve Mommy helping with anything. Off he went.


I opened the cabinet under the sink and notice that the garbage bag was missing having not been replaced when the trash was taken out. I pull out the bin and started to reach for a bag. Something caught my eye. Then something else caught me eye. Before I could even think to control myself, I started screaming like Andy in The Office (You know that you know exactly what I mean, but here it is to remind you):


I ran around the kitchen island and considered jumping on the counter, decided not to, and ran further to the other side of the kitchen. By this point, both kids were screaming and crying too. Chris was home, luckily, and called out to me. This is when I remembered that I was on the phone with my sister.


so… what did I notice? A killer that was hiding behind a curtain? No.

Little tiny mouse poop and a little black – oh, my gosh that is a mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best part, it didn’t even move. It was IN the trash can. It was trapped, but I screamed anyway and threw the can thus allowing it to escape back under the house.


Yep. This wussy mommy grabbed the baby and sat with him on the end table next to the couch where Carter got right back into his show while Daddy took care of things for us. I stayed there a good 5 minutes, afraid for me feet to touch the ground (or apparently anything fabric since I decided I could not sit on the couch) until my sister called back to make sure everything was ok. Then I had to get up to answer the phone.


Yep. Just a mouse. We’re good here.



  1. Lol…just one mouse?? Last week I finally figured out what was happening to our hen’s eggs…yup, tree rats! In one week we (sorry P.E.T.A) euthanized fifteen tree rats. Now my fruit trees are safer as well. I have also had the cats bring in two gopher snakes and drop them in the middle of my hallway. Thank goodness for those “grabby” things they make for the elderly! But the coup de grace is when the dog chased a raccoon into the corner of the living room…they are not so cute inside your home…welcome to rural living!

    • Heatherdroberts says:

      I know! One little mouse. I’m pathetic. Pretty sure I would be moving if I lived in your house. LOL.

  2. Nothing interferes with Carter’s shows. Good thing Chris was still home Ms Woosy.

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