The Dentist

I have to share my boys’ love of the dentist if only to have proof later when they decide it is uncool to get excited about going. My boys are over-the-top in love with the dentist. Our dentist is great, but honestly, I don’t even think it is about her at all. It is all about the experience. Really.

Just listen to Carter tell you about it.

Since his very first visit at 24 months old, Carter has taken x-rays and done a complete cleaning, with floss and all, at each visit. He just thinks it is great. Coen took a little more persuading, but he is 100% on board now. And, when it is all over, they get…. the goodie bag! A new toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash (for Carter – the BIG boy), floss, and one item from the treasure chest. This visit they both chose sunglasses which broke by the time they got home. No matter. They will still tell you how much fun they had.



  1. I watched the Video, I enjoyed it so very much. Both boys were adorable. I loved the expressions on Carter’s face. So cute.

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