Heard at the frat house


Some back story:

Lately, Carter has been asking to learn more “adult” words. It’s not as bad as it sounds. He just wants to increase his vocabulary. To this end, we give him words at dinner and tell him what they mean.

Separately, today Coen had a bit of an incident with the big toy chest outside that left quite the gash on his cheek. We opted for the super cool green bandaid.


Ok.. Now you’re up to speed.


At dinner tonight Chris taught the boys a few words. Among them were wounded and genius. Wounded: to be hurt, you can also have a “wound” where you were hurt. Genius: to be really smart.


Carter: (laughing and pointing) Coen, you have a wound on your face!

Coen: (without missing a beat and using his dry sarcastic tone without even knowing what sarcasm is) Carter, you’re a genius.



  1. Too cute!
    Gramma Cupcake

  2. Auntie Kellie says:

    Smart as whips!!

  3. That is so precious of them both, and so wonderful the way both of you take the time to chat with the boys at mealtime. This is what the boys will always remember.

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