Ready for this?

Really, are you ready for this? I’m hardly ready for this. I’m going to Ghana. Wow. I typed it. Does that make it more real or what?!

Backing it up a bit…

We’ve been matched, yes!

This is not an adoption trip. Not really anyway.

We were matched back on January 25th and have been sooooo hesitant to share the news. if you know our history I’m sure you’ll forgive us. So, we were told we’d be heading to Ghana for our court date within a month. Whoo hoo! We ran out and got vaccinations, I started buying bug spray and sunscreen, etc. Then, on Sunday, we got some not-so-good-news. We can’t even request a court date for 3 months due to the specific region where our adoption will take place.

This just about killed me.

So much so that I’ve been coming up with ridiculous reasons to go to Ghana before our court date.

Ujima Care really needs a child sponsorship program. I need to just go over there and help them get everything in order to get it going.

We really need some good photos for marketing and other fundraisers for Ujima Care.

I’d love to get the children to draw pictures and then create greeting cards out of them for another fundraiser. I’ll have to go there and get that all set up.

Yes, these things COULD be done during our court trip, but with that being at least 3 months away, all sorts of fundraising efforts and child sponsorship will be at a standstill. Now I ask you, how fair is that to the poor children in Africa?

I knew you would agree and since I have an AMAZING husband, he agreed as well (after some convincing). So, I’m off to Ghana on my birthday no less! I’m not even staying a whole week. Just long enough to achieve what I want to achieve and and hopefully smother some little(s) with hugs and kisses and clothes and those recordable storybooks and … the list goes on.

I know, I know. You are wondering what the heck is wrong with me. When am I finally going to give you the juicy details about our adoption? 1 or 2? Girl or boy? How old? I’m afraid to say that I’m going to leave you hanging. We’ll be hosting a party shortly after I return to tell you all about the trip and show photos.

So much to do and now.. so little time!



  1. Oh what a blessing! I may have to switch to Ghana! What a blessing – I won't make it to any parties – but I hope you can share some pictures and a LOT more details via your blog and/or email!

    This is just great news – I needed to hear today!
    Congrats and enjoy that short trip of yours – it will be amazing. Hopefully you can meet your child or children during this trip as well.

  2. Yay!!!! SO HAPPY for the both of you, too exciting! And how blessed you are to be able to make an extra trip to help out. Praying that it goes well and you are able to help them much!

  3. How wonderful have a safe trip to Ghana and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. You KNOW I'll be on pins and needles waiting for any and ALL pictures during the trip!!!!
    Safe travels, Heather-Feather,
    Gramma Cupcake

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