F.A.Q.: Coen

Inquiring minds want to know so, why not share here?

What’s next?
We are working on getting his birth certificate and the adoption decree. Then, we’ll apply for our I-600 and his passport. Once we have both, we can get his visa from the embassy and bring him home.

How many more trips will we make?
Just 1 to bring him home!

When will he be home?
Hopefully soon! Realistically, we are thinking 3 months or so.

Who is that woman in all the photos with him?
His amazing foster mom. She is taking such good care of him and he adores her. He has been with her since the beginning of February.

Where was he before?
We’ll be keeping all of his social history private for now. We want him to hear it all from us in an appropriate manner. Thank you for understanding.

Is he in an orphanage?
Nope. He is living with a foster mom who is dedicated just to him, no other children. We are so blessed to have this set up by our coordinator.

What is the age difference between him and Carter?
Carter is just 13 months older.

How is Carter doing with all the exciting news?
He seems pretty excited for being barely over 2 years old. He calls his brother “ki ki” for Kwasi. When I suggested he call him Coen, he called him “coco”. Any time he sees and African child, he points and says “ki ki” including the UjimaCare logo 🙂 so, he’s not completely getting it, but he does know that “ki ki” is his brother and he has an idea what he looks like.

We’ve also talked about where he will sleep. On most days, Carter points to the nursery when asked where his brother will sleep and says something like “ki ki baby night-night”. On other days, he insists that his brother will sleep in the big boy room and he will sleep in the crib “Ca ca baby”.

He really does seem excited and will randomly call out to “ki ki” so, I had to tell him that he is not here yet, he’s in Africa. This resulted in a pretty sad sounding, “oh” including a pouty lip. Now, when I ask where his brother is, he tells me “Apica”. It is so stinkin’ cute.



  1. Very cute! Carter will be a fabulous big brother! Love your new blog layout by the way 🙂

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