Bathroom renovation

I might be absent for awhile (what’s new?).


I decided that the after the playroom, the next room that needed to be addressed was the only bathroom on the main floor (i.e. the bathroom that every single guest will use). It was decided that the wallpaper had to go. It wasn’t bad, it just clashed with the playroom and you can see into the bathroom from the playroom. It is coming off fairly easily, but seeing the wall underneath, I now see why it was wallpapered in the first place so, I’ll be needing to wallpaper, something I have never done and have always avoided due to its higher level of permanency than paint.

If I’m going to remove and then re-wallpaper, I really should get rid of that ugly light, and the rose tile backsplash, and the outdated floor…..

I might be absent for awhile… but when I return, pictures. Lots and lots of pictures!



  1. Just removing the circus striped wallpaper was already a HUGE improvement! Can’t wait to see the “After”!
    Gramma Cupcake

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