We started our weekend with a pretty big party at our place, followed it by driving 1.5 hours to Chris’ parents’ to throw another party and driving home. Yesterday, Carter and I made the drive again so that I could give a presentation to the local Rotary Club about UjimaCare. Every bit of it was fun and exciting, but I’m exhausted! So exhausted in fact that I’m just going to link to my mom’s blog post about the party we threw.

Check it out here.

and here

We are fortunate that we don’t need anything (besides one more car seat) to be ready to bring Coen home, but a shower is a fun part of any baby’s anticipated arrival. So, this was a fun way to keep the excitement of a new baby and raise money for a good cause. We raised about $1200!

If anyone else is adopting and would be interested in throwing a “shower” to support UjimaCare, I would be more than happy to supply you with all the templates to recreate the party. Just shoot me an email! Heather_Roberts@ujimacare.org



  1. It looks like you have PLENTY of good reason to be tired!!! What a fun and wonderful party idea! Have you tried talking to Tree of Life about starting a Ghana program, I'm pretty sure they would LOVE this fundraiser idea! It would be so fun to join forces and help raise money for not only Ghana but Bulgaria too!

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