4 months

Oh, how this little man melts my heart! We cannot believe that he is 4 months old. He is such a dream. He easily goes to sleep when the boys do, around 8, and then sleeps soundly until 7 or 7:30 in the morning. When he does wake, he doesn’t cry, he just makes enough noise to let us know he is up and we are always greeted with a huge smile when he first sees us.


It seems like years ago that I was pregnant, and those sleepless nights are a distant memory (to be clear: sleepless from a newborn.. we still have sleepless nights due to nightmares or someone deciding it is a good idea to start their day at 4am). It’s funny how quickly you adjust to a new family member. 4 months ago we didn’t even know him, now we can’t imagine life without him.


Lately I have found myself laughing out loud, surprised to find him on his tummy when I distinctly remember leaving him on his back. I finally caught him in the act and now we cannot get him to stay on his tummy. I love how he listens to me too. I ask him to roll and he does. Such a sweetheart.



  1. He is indeed a wonderful little guy. Certainly wants to be with his big brothers also. He’s going to to be one busy little boy sooner than you think.

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