What I wore Wednesday

I’d like to say I was being creative when these photos were taken. That I wanted the diagonal line of where the house meets the driveway to skew the lines of the aluminum siding and contrast my polka-dots. But that would all be a lie.

My 4 year old took these for me with my iPhone. You get what you pay for people.


what I wore Wednesday tuckinginsuperheroes.com


what I wore Wednesday tuckinginsuperheroes.com


Shirt: Old Navy (a couple years ago), Jeans: Target (a few months ago), shoes: Toms (Christmas gift), Bracelet: Target (a long time ago as well)


One of these days I might actually do my hair for a “What I wore Wednesday” post. Apparently by the time i get to Wednesday, I have already thrown in the towel and it goes in a sock bun or worse.


I’m sharing what I wore over  here and here and here.



  1. Cute! Love the polka dots with the denim and cute red shoes!

  2. this made me laugh! thanks for linking up with dress for the day – sometimes it’s a crooked, blurry day, isn’t it? i love the polka dots!

  3. Love it

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