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This week’s “what I wore” is a bit different because I’m going to show you a few items that I have worn or am planning on wearing after receiving my fix from Stitch Fix!


What is Stitch Fix? So glad you asked.

It is the answer to one of my biggest problems. How the heck can I hip-it-up if I can’t go shopping without “Mommy, I’m thirsty” “Mommy, I need to potty” “Mommy, are you done YET?!”.

1)You go online and sign up for an account and fill out a quick questionnaire that tells a personal shopper more about your style. You can be very picky and tell them what colors you do NOT want and even tell them flat out “no jewelry” or whatever you want. They are shopping for you!

2) Pick a delivery date and pay $20.

3) You then check the mailbox every 5 minutes until your package arrives with 5  hand-selected items for you!

4) Buy what you want and the $20 you paid is applied toward the bill. Mail back (in their free shipping envelope) what you don’t want and that is that.

As a bonus, if you buy all 5 pieced you get to take an additional 25% off the total.


The pessimist that I am, I figured I would like one or two items when my box arrived. It would still be better than going to the store with three kids.


The day it arrived, I had a sitter and an event that I was going to with Chris. Of course, I did not like anything in my closet, but threw on the best thing I had. I stopped at the mailbox on the way to the event and saw it. My stitch fix box! I ripped it open in the car (like any girl would do) and found an adorable dress that I never would have picked for myself. It had a bit of a wild print and was short in the front, long in the back. Hmm… I tried it on when I got to Chris’ office and I loved it. Oh man is this dress comfy! So, I wore it to the event.

stitch fix www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com


No, I did not take Keaton to the event. This photo is a re-enactment of me wearing the dress just for all of you. And, no, we are not in a fun house. We are in front of Chris’ closet that is across from my closet. Ah, our 1974 house.


So item #1 was a success. The other items were three shirts and one necklace.

stitch fix www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com 2


stitch fix www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com 1


stitch fix www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com 1


This really is cute on. Keaton just ran out of patience during our re-enactment. See, I can’t even try clothes on at home.


stitch fix www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com 3


I wasn’t a huge fan of the necklace. I mean, I think it is cute, but the price was a bit steep for what I would pay for jewelry. I kept in though and here’s why: 25% off if you buy everything. I loved everything else and it worked out to save me $20 to keep the necklace. Crazy!


What I’m loving about this Stitch fix is that I would never have tried any of these things on. period. They just weren’t “me” or so I thought. I love that I now have some prints in my closet and gave in to the mullet dress 🙂 I think I have one jillion and two black tank tops or sleeveless shirts right now. This Stitch Fix is getting me out of my rut.


Want to try it? Check it out here:

You will likely be put on a wait list, but worry not! I was only on the wait list 2 days!


I scheduled my next fix. Let’s cross our fingers it is as big of a success.


I’m sharing what I wore over at here and here and here and here and here.




  1. Love your new duds. The colors really bring out your beauty.

  2. Love it all!!! Especially short stuff in the pics:) Too cute.

  3. So cute, you wear them all well!!

  4. Would love for you to share this at my linkup that goes live tomorrow at 8am
    http://myfashionforwardblog.com/all-things-pretty-14 we pin all those who join to our party board

  5. Lindsay Willcox says:

    I love all the clothes and just scheduled my first shipment!

  6. What a great idea! I love the graphic printed top and print dress on you, looks great. I know what you mean about trying on clothes though, my brood have a short attention span for anything that isn’t focussed on them!

  7. Erene Behr says:

    Cute clothes! Im loving these clothing delivery services!! As a new mom, it makes shopping so convenient & fun- i havent tried stitch fix, but ive used Tog and Porter and loved it! My stylist Maureen was so helpful and super nice! Definitely check out Tog and Porter

  8. Everything looks good on you, perfect coloring and perfect shape. Oh to be young again. Have fun and keep us posted about your next order. Love the darling picture of Keaton also. Love ya.

  9. You have great taste! Love the necklace and the chevron tank. And how cute are those little guys! Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty last week. Sorry I’m a little late visiting after being on vacation. Hope you come back soon!

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