Waiting for Kwasi

We finally have some sun in the Pacific NW so we went for a walk at a park tonight. Some subtle reminders that we are waiting for Kwasi to get home:

Me: Carter, look at the clouds! Aren’t they pretty?
Carter: Yeah. Kiki put them for me.
Me: Kiki put the clouds there for you?
Carter: Yeah. Kiki put them up high a me (“a” is used in place of “for” or “the” often”)

Chris: Carter, look! There are two bunnies! Do you see them?
Carter: Yeah! Carter and Kiki!
Chris: The bunnies are Carter and Kiki?
Carter: Yeah!


Oh, Kwasi! You are so loved already!



  1. Such a doting big brother!!!

  2. That's my sweet tender-hearted sensitive great grandson. He's thinking all the time, eh? What a gift he has and he doesn't even know it yet. Love him dearly.

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