What most of you probably don’t know

I’m officially at “that point” in my life. I’m a mom, with a small child and I watch Oprah. There, I said it.

Now that it’s out there – she recently did an episode about HIV and AIDS today and showed clips from a show she did back in the ’80s. It was crazy watching the clips. People were so uneducated and…. well, just stupid. Even with a doctor telling them that they cannot contract HIV by sharing a swimming pool, people still didn’t want to be in the same water as an HIV+ man. Oh, and of course, you had to be gay to have HIV.

Flash forward to today. Most people realize that HIV is completely preventable. Most people don’t realize however, how manageable it has become. It is no longer a death sentence. I’m not an expert so, I’ll stop there, but I will direct you to the blog of a mother of an HIV+ child and an excellent writer.



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