Sorry for the noise

So sorry if you just heard me screaming from Vancouver, Washington. I got a little bit excited to see this in our mail today:

Whoo hoo! We have our I-600 approval!!! And, I spoke with our coordinator today and he got the birth certificate changed a couple of days ago. So, the steps now: we need to pick up our visa packet and then request a visa interview appointment and get Coen’s passport before the interview.

I’m being told that interview dates are set 6-8 weeks out right now – ewww! But at least we should have a better idea of WHEN Little Man #2 will be in our home shortly.



  1. Yeah! So glad to hear this news….and very happy for you all.

  2. Wooooo Hoooooo for happy screams!

  3. I heard ya clean in Bulgaria! :p Glad things are finally moving along!!! We just dropped our packet off in Seattle and her Visa was last Thursday… too familiar still!!!

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