Sick baby

I got an email this morning letting us know that Coen had been taken to the hospital and treated for malaria. He is back in his village now with medication and seems to be doing OK. We are so blessed that his foster mother is taking care of him and knew when to call our coordinator and that our coordinator made sure to get him medical attention!

We’re also so blessed that another family is over there now and took some pictures and video of him and sent them along (the video will come when they get home). He is looking so much bigger already and it has only been 1 1/2 months since I saw him. He is wearing some of Carter’s old clothes (size 18 months) and they are still a little big.

I so wish he was here so I could take care of him. When I told Carter that Coen is sick he said sadly, ” Oh, juice!”. He thinks juice solves any illness 🙂



  1. He is so cute! Sending up prayers your little guy stays well and is home soon 🙂

  2. Thank God he is doing okay. He has already grown soo much!
    Gramma Cupcake

  3. Poor Little Man – I'm sure it broke your heart to be able to be there with him. It is a blessing though that his foster mother took such good care of him. That has to be a relief for you.

    Just remember that the time will come very soon that you will have him home safe and sound with Mommy, Daddy and big brother. 🙂

    I'm happy to see that Cohen is doing well and growing. I can't wait to see him home with y'all where he belongs.

    ~Nadine in Nevada

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