Morning sickness

If you think that a paper pregnancy allows you to by-pass the nausea, thinks again. I’m honestly sick to my stomach.

I was told Friday that again the birth certificate was not available but that our coordinator had been promised Monday. I called today and was told that the only guy working on the birth certificate is out of town until next week so, our coordinator will be applying again tomorrow with a new agent and “hopes” to get it in one week.


I’m not even sure that this is the case since our coordinator was out of town today (Monday) so, he didn’t go to the office where he was promised it would be. How does he know then that it is not available? Maybe he called.. I don’t know.

So, a process that should have taken maybe 2 weeks is going into it’s 4th.

We then will wait an unspecified period of time for his passport.

I’m just sick.

This is Ghana.



  1. Having a time frame for paperwork is probably the ONLY benefit to adopting from a Hauge country! But even with Bulgaria having it's time lines to meet paperwork moves when the government official moving it is ready to move it. It is SAD that people don't think of the child when doing their job and how they play such an important part in the process. Hang in there, God knows what you and your little guy need and when you need it. He will not take us any further than we can handle. Sending prayers up!

  2. I'm sad for you. Just hang in there sweetie. I know it's so difficult when you have to depend on other people but hopefully it won't be much longer.

  3. I'm still praying. Hang in there.
    Gramma Cupcake

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