Not too much to report

Our coordinator decided that we do in fact need to correct the birthdate on the adoption decree and said that it will “take a while.” I’m not sure what that really means except that it will hold things up a bit. We can’t file our I600 until we have the adoption decree. I’m trying to be positive and tell myself that we are so blessed that the adoption has moved as quickly as it has so far. Also, we were lucky to get our adoption decree just 2 weeks after court (most families seem to get their’s a month out).

So.. we’re blessed, we’re blessed, we’re blessed. I just have to keep saying it.

I got more paperwork today to help fill out the I600 and it turned my stomach all sorts of ways.. On way page, it lists his “post adoption name” incorrectly. I don’t think this will matter as long as the adoption decree is correct. On another page, social welfare had recommended a 2 year interim adoption which would mean that in 2 years, we have to go back to Ghana and hopefully readopt Coen. Luckily, the adoption decree said nothing about it being an interim adoption so, I think this means that the judge ignored that recommendation.

I called a lawyer today anyway. We’ll need to readopt him when he gets home so, I was going to contact a lawyer regardless, but with all these typos and such, I think I’ll rest a little easier if I talk to one now.

While we wait, I have plans to redo the nursery! I found an amazing antique map of Africa that looks amazing framed and I think it will help Carter to let-go of his old room. He sleeps every night in his big boy room, but he has a fit if I don’t let him sleep in the “baby bed” for his naps.

I also have lots of reading left to prepare for my little man to come home. We are excited to have him here, but we are also realistic. His transition may be difficult and we need get ourselves educated so we can be the best parents possible.

Julie explains it well. Check out her blog here.



  1. Oh.
    My. Gosh.
    I want time to hurry up and fly by, and I know you do too.
    Gramma Cupcake

  2. ugh! Damn those flub-ups on such important pieces of paper! We learn, very quickly, to (try to–ha ha) swallow the "little stuff" while joyously celebrating the "little stuff." It's what get's us through. I do hope it all gets worked out–it's so stressful to have to deal with each bump when you just want that boy home! Hold on tight…hugs to you…

    Oh, and I'd love to talk books if you really have the energy to read right now. 🙂 email me anytime!

  3. Oh dear. If it were not such a serious subject, it would remind me of those old keystone cop movies, i.e everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Keep thinking positive thoughts. My prayers are with you.

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